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External Job Opportunities

Post date:  April 25, 2018

Title: Algal Scientist/Business Development

Position Description: Living Ink Technologies, LLC (www.livingink.co) is a cutting edge biomaterials company using algae and cyanobacteria as colorants for printing ink products. Living Ink is looking to hire a research technician or a post-doctoral researcher capable of metabolic engineering cyanobacterial strains within a research lab setting. Additionally, this position will assist with daily operations and business development. Competitive applicants must demonstrate a high level of independent research and exhibit strong problem solving abilities, as well as a capability to work among the executive level team members on a wide array of business development tasks. Location is Denver, CO with a start date of Spring 2018.

·       Location: Living Ink Research Lab: Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO
·       Full time position, with the potential for benefits (health insurance stipend)
·       Pay range: ~$55,000

Position Expectations:
Support Living Ink Senior Scientist and CSO (70-95% time):

·       Standard molecular biology tasks including running gels, PCR, media development, culture maintenance, etc.
·       Design and construction of gene constructs for the production of various value-added molecules via metabolic engineering
·       Transformation and characterization of various species of heterotrophic as well as photosynthetic microbes

Support Living Ink Executive Team (5%-30% time):

·       Develop material intended for venture capital, strategic commercial partnerships, NSF reporting requirements, etc.
·       Support strategic business relationships
·       Assist in daily operational tasks including lab management

Qualifications: Previous experience with standard molecular biology techniques including, cloning/plasmid construction, working with bacterial and algal cultures.

If interested, please email scott.fulbright@livinginktechnologies.com