Seminars and Events

The Center hosts a seminar series in which experts in the field present their latest results. We welcome both speakers from within the Center and from other institutes.

Spring 2020 Seminars

January 23:  Gabriel A. Montaño  -  Northern Arizona University
"Who needs a Lipid? Using amphiphilic block copolymers for artificial photosynthesis"

February 27:  Dorthe Eisele  -  City College of New York (CCNY-CUNY)
A Paradigm Shift Inspired by Nature: Robust Frenkel Excitons Despite Extreme Heat Stress"

Spring 2019 Seminars

April 25:  Ivan Kassal  -  University of Sydney
"Photosynthetic Antennas and Reaction Centres Use Coherent Delocalisation to Improve Function"

Fall 2018 Seminars

September 13:  Jesse Woodson  -  University of Arizona
"Signal Transduction Pathways of Chloroplast Quality Control"

October 25: Carolyn Lubner - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
"Bringing to Light the Mechanisms of Biological Energy Conversion"

November 8:  Elizabet Romero -  The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain
"Engineering Quantum Coherence in Bio-Inspired Systems of Efficient Solar-Energy Conversion"

Spring 2018 Seminars

January 18:  Tanai Cardona  -  Imperial College London
"Early Evolution of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation"

January 25: Julio Lloret - Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain
"Towards Light-Driven Reduction. From Solar Fuels to Solar Chemicals"

March 15:  Matthias Heyden  - ASU School of Molecular Sciences
"Water in Biomolecular Systems – The Impact of Solvation on Equilibrium Properties and Dynamics"

March 22:  Paul King -Biosciences Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden, Colorado 
"Photodriven Electron Transfer for Mechanistic Studies of Redox Enzymes"

April 5:  Frank E. Osterloh - UC Davis
"Water Splitting Photocatalysis with Inorganic Particles"

April 12: Marilyn Gunner - City University of New York
Proton transfers in Photosystem II and Cytochrome c Oxidase"

April 19:   Wayne Frasch - Arizona State University
"F1-ATPase Molecular Motor-Powered Nanodevices for Detection, Quantitation, and Computation"

Fall 2017 Seminars:

October 12:  Chris Gisriel -  ASU School of Molecular Sciences
"Structure of a Homodimeric Reaction Center and Insight into the Evolution of Photosynthesis"

October 19:  Anna Beiler -  ASU School of Molecular Sciences
"Bioinspired Surface Coatings for Solar Hydrogen Production"

October 26:  Vladimiro Mujica -  ASU School of Molecular Sciences
"Temperature-independent Electron Transfer in Biological Systems"

November 2:  Charles Arntzen Retirement Celebration - 4p.m. Biodesign Institute, B Atrium

November 9:  Anne Jones-  ASU School of Molecular Sciences
"Defining Functional Diversity of Redox Enzymes Electrochemically"

November 16:  Moore Lab Student Presentation-  ASU School of Molecular Sciences

Spring 2017 Seminars:

March 16:  Herta Steinkellner -  University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
"Plant-Based Engineering of Biosynthetic Pathways for Production of Therapeutic Recombinant Proteins"

March 23: Dave Britt - University of California, Davis
"Mechanisms of Solar Fuel Reactions as Probed by Advanced EPR Spectroscopy"

March 30: Gregory Gavelis - Arizona State University
"Stealing Solar Power from Microbes: Lessons from Dinoflagellates"

April 13:  Rick Debus - University of California, Riverside

“FTIR Studies of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation”

April 20:  Dan Nocera - Harvard University
"The Bionic Leaf: Fuels to Food from Sunlight, Air and Water"


Fall 2016 Seminars:

October 20:  Gabriela Schlau-Cohen - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Dynamics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting:  From Conformational Changes to Excitation Energy Transfer"

November 3: John Golbeck - Penn State Univ.
"Extending the Reach of Photosynthesis: The Composition and Function of Electrically Conductive Bacterial Nanowires in Shewanella oneidensis"

November 10:  Hilairy Hartnett - ASU School of Earth & Space Exploration
"Geomimicry: Exploring Mechanisms for Mineral-catalyzed Hydrothermal Organic Reactions"

December 1:  Bruce Rittmann - ASU School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
"Ironies in Microbial Electrochemistry"

Additional dates to be announced.

All seminars are open to the public and held on Thursdays, at 4:00 p.m. in the Biodesign Institute Auditorium (BDB 105), unless otherwise indicated.

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Spring 2016 Seminars:

January 14:  Graham Peers - Colorado State University
“Exploring the Dynamics of Photosynthesis in Algae”

February 4:  Tsafrir Mor - ASU Biodesign Institutue
“PCocSH: A Plant-Produced Human Butyrylcholinesterase Variant for Treatment of Cocaine Addiction-Related Diseases”

February 11:  Yong K. Chang - Daejon, Korea
“Research Activities in the Field of Microalgae-based Biorefineries at Advanced Biomass R&D Center”

February 25:  Roberto Gaxiola - ASU School of Life Sciences
"Proton Pyrophosphatases:  from Salt Tolerance to Sucrose Transport"

March 3:  Richard Cogdell – University of Glasgow
"Using Genetic Dissection to Probe the Structure and Function of LH2 Complexes from a Purple Photosynthetic Bacterium”

March 24:  David Kehoe - Indiana University
A Self-Regulating Genomic Island Confers Blue-Green Light Acclimation in the Marine Environment

March 31:  Jeff Gralnick - University of Minnesota
Extracellular Electron Transfer in Bacteria - Mechanisms, Applications and Enhancement with Light

April 7: Paul Westerhoff - ASU School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment
Utilizing Light for Water Purification

April 14: Michael Lomas - Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Beyond Photosynthesis: Biological Carbon cycling in the Global Ocean

April 21:  Klaus Lackner - ASU School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment
Advances in Capturing Carbon Dioxide from Ambient Air

April 28: Ana Moore - ASU School of Molecular Sciences
Artificial Photosynthetic Constructs that Mimic the PCET Process Involving the Tyrz Redox Relay of PSII


Past Speakers: