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About Us

The ASU Center for Bioenergy & Photosynthesis (CB&P) carries out frontier multidisciplinary scientific research designed to use biological and biologically-based artificial systems to address societal energy needs in a sustainable manner, with an emphasis on solar energy conversion and bioinspired energy transformation to meet human needs.

The goals of the Center are to:

Conduct Innovative Research:

  • explore how photosynthetic organisms store energy and develop similar processes that can be utilized in non-biological systems (artificial photosynthesis)
  • discover new energy transfer pathways in microorganisms using metagenomics and other state-of-the-art techniques
  • metabolically manipulate and engineer organisms for bioenergy production, including hydrogen, ethanol, and bio-diesel
  • develop the design and optimization of bioreactors and production processes for bioenergy production
  • examine the nature and role of photosynthetic organisms on environmental processes, climate, and human activities

Apply Solutions and Make an Impact:

  • investigate the societal implications of bioenergy use and inform the general public about photosynthesis and the transition to the post-petroleum world
  • work closely with our partners to develop sustainable solutions to other problems such as developing small solar energy collection/storage devices to deliver electricity to the two billion poor that currently are without such service

Connect to the Public:

  • communicate our findings to the broader world and engage in extensive education and outreach activities at the K-12, college, community and professional levels, including preparing teaching materials
  • conduct workshops, host web sites, stage lectures and organize conferences